War never changes

Cpl. F. Greyson - P.O.R Lions Rush

Operation Lions Rush
Post Operation Report:

Cpl Ferric Greyson – Tango Squad

Summary of Mission as follows:

We were dispatched from the moon via drop ship with our assigned Chimera and Epsilon Squad with theirs. On final descent we were hit by AA fire and our drop ship splashed. Fortunately Pvt. Artifii and Pvt. Johns were able to extract the Chimeras from the dropship while it was sinking. Drop ship crew confirmed KIA.
We proceeded to establish a beachhead and move inland. We encountered some lighted enemy resistance on the road at first comprised of light vehicles and foot soldiers. We eliminated threats as we went but Sgt. Reanal gave the command to move off of the road way and run parallel to it to avoid further enemy contact.
On the second day we spotted an enemy convoy moving artillery pieces towards the Governors manor. As this posed a serious threat to the mission and we had the element of surprise we attacked and overwhelmed them, suffering only a few casualties. We also freed a few prisoners that they were transporting including an Ab-human Ogryn which unfortunately died from its wounds shortly after. We destroyed the artillery pieces and moved on.
After a few more enemy encounters Epsilon squads Chimera sustained critical damage and we were forced to strip it for parts and scuttle it. Moving on in our remaining Chimera we encountered on more enemy squad and in the ensuing firefight Sgt. Reanal was wounded. We proceeded to the Governors manor from that point and per the Governors instruction we loaded him, his family and his dogs onto the Chimera. We had his game warden scout us a path to the LZ as he was most familiar with the local landscape and his main staff follow us in his road car.
Sgt. Reanal elected to stay at the manor to carry out the mission order to deny it to the enemy. We left him all of our available explosives and moved out towards the LZ. As we moved out the enemy was already bearing down on the manor in a sizable force. We were pursued into the hills by enemy vehicles and encountered some large enemy mutants on the road. The car with the Governors staff was destroyed with all occupants. I was able to eliminate the three enemy mutants that pursued us and we arrived at the LZ to find Sigma squad with the other dropship. We extracted from the planet without further incident.

All soldiers involved in this mission performed their duties with skill and dedication.



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