War never changes

Operation: Lion's Rush

Mission briefing:

The enemy insurgents, named “The Twisted”, have made a sudden and bloody strike against the planet Yabin. The planet is all but lost. Presently the planetary governor, Governor Albadayus Baroon, has taken refuge at his summer estates in the northern hemisphere. Your mission is to recover him and his entourage before they’re overrun. His estates are on a peninsula which is quickly becoming surrounded by chaos troops and our window on this mission is limited. Your squad and three others will be inserted via drop ship with two squads per drop ship, each mounted in a chimera. The drop ships will each come in on either side of the peninsula and converge on the centrally located estates. Whomever arrives first will collect the governor and his entourage and fall back to the extraction point where they will be met by the drop ships. Resistance is expected to be heavy but Intelligence has determined that armor and artillery will still be outside the theater of engagement, you will only have to contend with infantry and light vehicles.

Mission Objectives:
Primary: Recover Governor Baroon

Secondary: Recover the governor’s entourage, family and valuables. Priority determined by the governor.

Tertiary: Prevent the estates and any assets present from falling into enemy hands. Also, where practical inflict any significant casualties possible upon the insurgents.



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