War never changes

Welcome to the Front

The Marauders, after nearly five months aboard ship, have arrived on the sixth satellite moon of the planet Yabin. “Yassix” has a small Imperial base where one other regiment, the Vostroyan 54th, and the Draconic 416th have been billeted for the last month. Things have been quiet, almost dull, and the standard of life on this small moon is so much better then it was on Draconis23 that the convicts are starting to get complacent. Warden-Commissar Atraxis knows this won’t last though and is expecting the other boot to drop anytime. For now Tango squad and the rest of the Marauders do busy work and drills. Today Tango squad has been tasked with a “walk in the park” patrol duty out to southwest marker 50. Just another quiet day.

After Action Report:

While on it’s patrol Tango squad engaged a squad of chaos cultists. They then received word that an attack was commencing on home base. Tango squad was ambushed once more by chaos cultists before being given orders to meet up with two other squads and neutralizing an enemy artillery unit.



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