Brian Metallius


Convict Number: 365750
Demeanour: Steely
Specilaty: Sargent
Description: Metal

WS 35
BS 35
S 35
T 30
AGI 30
INT 30
PER 23
WIL 30
FEL 40

Low Gothic
Operate (Surface)

Tactica Imperialis

Skills and Tallents:
Street Fighter
Resistance Fear
Weapon training:

  • Chain
  • Las
  • Low Tech
    Nerves of Steel
    Honor Amoung Theives
    Skum and Villiany

9/14 wounds

Chain Sword
Carbine Las gun

Name: Jessilea
Special Abilities:
Covering Fire
Get Them
Snap Out of It


The rocks were my teachers the scorpions of Draconis-XXIII my masters. The constant pulse of the sun bring a dull beacon of light in this dark forsaken world. I wasn’t always a convict. Dream evil… The dark that you find in the back of your mind… Don’t go to the edge of rainbows.

I was once a ganger a juvi in a hive world. We held the peace in our territory. Kept the bad stuff out but we did bad as well. Stole and killed. Like diamonds that shine without fire. We’re climbing the stairs. Going down and never higher.

Thins were great back then. We rode the tiger. You can see his stripes but you know he’s clean. But then the the food riots began. Things got ugly in the hive as a dirty arbite held our community’s rations and sold them on the back market. He was the law but a criminal. We were the criminals but we became the law.

The gang was the distraction. I was the weapon. Putting my knife into the back of the arbite. His blood heating my hot iron. Is it a sin? Is it a crime? Taking a life of someone who is guilty. The inquisitor thought it was. But he also saw the good I did. This bought me life. Life in Draconis-XXIII. But back then I thought “What do you mean. I ain’t got a life!”.

The radiation is slowly killing me. Like everyone else on Draconis-XXIII. My skin has been bleached white. But I was offered another chance. The scorpions smile upon me and sting me with their pleasure. Pleasure and pain! All I have to do is kill for the Emperor and they will keep the scorpions at bay. But I don’t care it gives me something to do.

Brian Metallius

War never changes tentaclese