Heavy Gunner


Weapon Skill 36
Ballistic Skill 30
Strength 40
Toughness 42
Agility 36
Intelligence 28
Perception 33
Willpower 28
Fellowship 31

Athletics – trained
Common Lore: – trained
Imperial Guard – trained
War – trained

Intimidate – +10
Linguistics – trained
Low Gothic – trained
Operate (surface) – trained
Survival – trained

Talents & Trained
Street Fighting
Resistance (Fear)
Nerves of Steel
Toughness 1
Iron Jaw
Weapon Training LasGun
Weapon Training LowTech
Weapon Training Heavy
Weapon Training Launcher
Strength 1

Wounds total 15

Fate Points total 2

Ballistic Skill

Las Carbine
Class Basic
Damage 1D10+3 (E)
Type Energy
Penatration 0
Range 75m
Rate of Fire S/2/
Clip 60
Reload Half
Special Rules Reliable
Weight 2.5kg

Mono-Filament Shiv
Class Melee/Throw
Damage 1D5®
Type -
Penetration 2
Range 5m
Rate of Fire -
Clip -
Reload -
Special Rules Poor Quality (-10 WS)
Weight 1kg

Frag Grenade (x1)
Class Thrown
Damage 2D10 (X)
Type -
Penatration 0
Range 53×3
Rate of Fire S
Clip 1
Reload -
Special Rules Blast (3), Ogryn Proof

Missile Launcher (Frag)
Class Heavy
Damage 2D10+2 (X)
Type Frag
Penatration 2
Range 300m
Rate of Fire S
Clip -
Reload Full
Special Rules Blast (5)
Weight 35kg

Missile Launcher (4 missiles)
Poor Weather Gear
LasCarbine (2 charge packs)
Basic Tools
Mess Kit & Water Canteen
Blanket & Sleeping Bag
Rechargeable Lamp Pack
Mono-Filament Shiv
Explosive Collar w/ Prisoner ID
Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer
Combat Sustenance Rations (2 weeks)
Booze (vintage)
Carton of lohsticks

Body 3

Xp to spend 150
Xp spent 450

Name Borgen
Special Abilites Loader


Prisoner Number DP23P8M31-53335422

Came from a wealthy family, father was an abuser (physical, beat Carno), mother was restrained in her love and in stopping his father.
Carno felt that the physical abuse was his father’s way of showing him love and if he just kept working hard his father and mother would come to love him. His parents were young when they had him and as a result they made mistakes and were not ready for a child. A caring and involved uncle played a large part in the raising of Carno especially when he was young. He was a grey influence on his life, he was both good and bad. When Carno was young he was a bit of an outlaw, committing crimes that were for a “good” cause in his eyes. Unfortunately, he came upon addiction and it was his weakness. He was well educated (from wealth)
His life experience was not what he had believed it was partial sugar coated partially conceived as a coping mechanism for him. 
His belief foundation was corrupted by his father, power misused
He had blocked out a tragic event that had happened when he was 18, the details of the murder of his uncle by his father. And only has remembered it recently.

He had a peaceful nature to him that was slowly eroded from him when he was younger but this was broken when he killed his father after witnessing his father kill the uncle. 
This is why he was sent to the prison planet. While there he survived by becoming hard and both a survivor and brutal when his hand is forced.

Comrade – Faye
Faye is an honest woman who has a strong spiritual aspect to her. The God-Emperor is who she devotes herself to. She is to great friend and reliable comrade to Carno. She is humble, but almost to the point to some low self-esteem. In her past she had a major loss, the loss of a child. This drove her into a temporary insanity that she was able to overcome on the prison planet.


War never changes alloy