Convict Number: 89012
Demeanor: Nihilist
Specialty: Weapon Specialist
Description: Angry

WS 33
BS 52
S 38
T 29
AGI 30
INT 35
PER 27
WIL 39
FEL 30

Common Lore

  • Imperium
  • War

Low Gothic
Navigate (Surface)
Operate (Surface Vehicle)

Skills and Tallents:
Lasgun Barrage
Flame WT.
Las WT.
Launcher WT.
Resistance (Fear)
Double Team
Sharp Shooter

Wounds 14
Fate Points 2

Las Carbine With Red Dot
2 Mono Shivs
1 Grag Grenade
1 Flamer

Ballistics Skill
Field Craft
Weapon Skill

Name: Aloysius
Special Abilities:


None of it is true. The emperor is no god. Just a tool used by the astropaths to navigate the universe. The so called beacon of humanity. Bullshit!

If that were true then how can the other xeno races navigate the stars. I read the books sent by the xeno race known as the Tau. No emperor. No Ecclesiarchy. Just your own actions benefiting towards one common goal. Improvement of society. We could take care of our own without the need of anyone else dictating what we should do.

I voiced my beliefs one day after a long days work hunting for Prawn Tigers. A dangerous job. I was drunk and forgot my composure. It was amazing I wasn’t executed for what I said. Three simple words “I don’t believe”.

Draconis-XXIII is a hell hole. The pulsating light is unbearable. Being sent here is a eight year death sentence. It is either you die from the convicts all hardened men who also know they are about to die or the cancer building in from the vast amounts of radiation.

They did offer another way. Join the guard. Why not. Beats dying of cancer or killed by an inmate. I’m good with a gun and I could take my anger off other xenos while I am at it. I get a possibility of a reprieve from my death sentence thanks to healing drugs. Better to die a quick death then one where you waste away.

Some aren’t cut out for this. Take this useless sack of sludge beside of me. Caught falsifying numbers to lessen his tax burden. Pathetic. He won’t last too long in a firefight. Good thing I can use him as a meat shield. He is my partner.


War never changes tentaclese