Standard Kit

Tango starts with the following kit and is restocked before each mission.


-One uniform
-One set of poor weather gear
-One lascarbine (main weapon) with 2 charge packs
-One poor quality mono filiment knife “shiv”
-One frag grenade
-One flakvest
-One rucksack or sling bag (convicts choice)
-One set of basic tools
-One mess kit and one water canteen
-One blanket and one sleeping bag
-One rechargeable lamp pack
-One grooming kit
-One explosive “control” collar with prisoner identification
-One Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer
-Combat sustenance rations: 2 weeks supply

Note: The favoured weapons of the regiment are:
-Missile launcher

Note: Each hunter/killer squad within the 416th will be issued:
-One Hellhound assault tank OR one Sentinel walker based on mission parameters


Standard Kit

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