War never changes

Operation: Lion's Rush
Mission briefing:

The enemy insurgents, named “The Twisted”, have made a sudden and bloody strike against the planet Yabin. The planet is all but lost. Presently the planetary governor, Governor Albadayus Baroon, has taken refuge at his summer estates in the northern hemisphere. Your mission is to recover him and his entourage before they’re overrun. His estates are on a peninsula which is quickly becoming surrounded by chaos troops and our window on this mission is limited. Your squad and three others will be inserted via drop ship with two squads per drop ship, each mounted in a chimera. The drop ships will each come in on either side of the peninsula and converge on the centrally located estates. Whomever arrives first will collect the governor and his entourage and fall back to the extraction point where they will be met by the drop ships. Resistance is expected to be heavy but Intelligence has determined that armor and artillery will still be outside the theater of engagement, you will only have to contend with infantry and light vehicles.

Mission Objectives:
Primary: Recover Governor Baroon

Secondary: Recover the governor’s entourage, family and valuables. Priority determined by the governor.

Tertiary: Prevent the estates and any assets present from falling into enemy hands. Also, where practical inflict any significant casualties possible upon the insurgents.

Welcome to the Front

The Marauders, after nearly five months aboard ship, have arrived on the sixth satellite moon of the planet Yabin. “Yassix” has a small Imperial base where one other regiment, the Vostroyan 54th, and the Draconic 416th have been billeted for the last month. Things have been quiet, almost dull, and the standard of life on this small moon is so much better then it was on Draconis23 that the convicts are starting to get complacent. Warden-Commissar Atraxis knows this won’t last though and is expecting the other boot to drop anytime. For now Tango squad and the rest of the Marauders do busy work and drills. Today Tango squad has been tasked with a “walk in the park” patrol duty out to southwest marker 50. Just another quiet day.

After Action Report:

While on it’s patrol Tango squad engaged a squad of chaos cultists. They then received word that an attack was commencing on home base. Tango squad was ambushed once more by chaos cultists before being given orders to meet up with two other squads and neutralizing an enemy artillery unit.

Why am I here?
Ferric's Tale

Yeah I used to be in the Guard. Why am I here now? Well, it went down like this….

So we hit this fucking mudball of a planet after months shipbound. Drills, drills drills until you’re not sure if your drilling or dreaming about it. Anyways we touch down and they tell us that there is some sort of rebellion happening and we are going to put it down, bunch of angry farmers they says. So our hotshot kid of a CO tells our sarge that our squad are securing a city block, all 12 of us. So he sends our squad and a few others into this town, no resistance expected he says. Fucking right. The sarge grumbled a bit but orders are orders especially with that hard ass commisar around. So anyways we go in and sure enough fully armed former guardsmen pop out of the woodwork and shoot the shit out of us. So only me and Lidiah here make it out, us being the careful type. We get back to camp and the CO starts going off on us about why did we come back and telling us to go back and fight. I told him that everyone was dead but he wouldn’t hear it. Kept ranting and raving about how he couldn’t fail.

Then the strangest and scariest thing I’ve ever seen happened. The commissar calmly walked up behind him and blew his brains out. Then he pointed that bolt gun straight at me. I was sure I was a dead man. He asked me what happened in the town and how we got out. I told him everything,I think at that point I would have told him whatever he wanted to hear. I must have said something right because he put the gun away and had us arrested for cowardice. I would call it survival but I wasn’t about to argue with him.

And uh yeah, here we are. Back in the Guard, universe is funny sometimes.
Oh, and watch your back around the commissars.

I, Heretic
Lessons from the pit.

“Just a heads up, forget anything you know, or think you know. This is Draconis 23 and let me tell you, you don’t know anything. You know. Don’t listen to anyone here. They’re all working an angle and they’ll lie through their teeth! That said, let me welcome you to our little corner of hell.

Yeah, I was like you once, though it feels like another life. Back then I was full of fake bravado convinced that a pardon was just around the next hab-hall. That my time in this nightmare would be short. Like you I put on a mask of fearlessness but don’t worry, this place will smash all of that. It will break you! If the wardens don’t the other colonists will. If somehow you prove too unassailable or iron-willed the true master of this place will crush you. You, like everyone else will be screaming for sweet deliverance before the end comes.

Who is this master you ask? Well let me put it this way, why aren’t there any walls here? Look around you – see all that endless nothing? Where you going to run to? This barren, craggy hell-hole is covered with scant nothing but rocks and dust. Outside of the facilities there isn’t anything. No water, no shelter, no food, nor animals. Just a lot of barren nothing. Sure, you can run off, maybe find some abandoned mine shaft to hold up in. Others have done it and guess how many have come back….

Don’t worry about the dim sky, you wont get used to it. No it’s not dusk nor dawn. it’s just the stars light don’t shine so bright here being as far away as we are. That pulse never ends either. Forever flashing, it’s enough to make a man mad! Hope you get mine work where the beating of the sun is hidden from you.

That painful pulsing dot up there? They call that the Emperors Mercy. The wardens whisper that it’s really why we’re all here. This whole place is a lesson in damnation and salvation. You see we’ve all fallen from the light of the Divine Emperor. All of us selfishly turned from his grace and in doing so we suffer and toil in endless, abject misery from which none of us can escape. That distant light up there shows that the Emperor in his infinite grace still looks down upon us, that redemption IS possible. The only kick is that you can’t do it in life. You gotta die to get it!

That’s the final truth of this place. If somehow you manage to avoid the wrath of the wardens, other convicts, accident, or injury this place will still kill you. That light up there, the Emperors grace, is a class 7B7 Pulsar. While it’s no good at giving off steady light it’s incredible at flooding us with enough high radiation that any long-term prisoner could power a light freighters engine core. If by all miracles you survive everything this place can throw at you, you’ll be dead in eight years.

I’ve been here three and a half years and I have no illusions of my fate.

Did I tell you that I’m a master of the Emperors Tarot? Here let me guess, you’re innocent, right? There’s clearly been a clerical error and the the Warden-Commissar must get you on the next ship out! We have to get you off of this rock before it’s too late!
Haha fool! Let me tell you I WAS INNOCENT and it don’t mean anything!! No one cares! Once you’re here there IS no leaving. Even in death your body will be processed into food for the other inmates. Gross, sure, but a man has to eat! Yeah, they give three half rations a cycle but that is just enough to keep you working. The gnawing in your gut is just another reminder of hell. The exhaustion too.

What did I do to get sentenced to this rock? Well nothing of course! You see, I was born on one of them countless Ad-Mech worlds. The kind of manufactorum planets where non-munitions are fabricated. No not one of them fancy Forge worlds! Anyways, I was a true believer and I did my part.
The machine priests and their strange, soulless servitors were jealous of me though. It’s true! You see I have “the knack”! The machine spirits whisper to me but because I’m not a tech-priest it’s something we’re told is sacrilegious. Fact is, they were telling me truths we aren’t supposed to know. Truths about how the Ad-Mech aren’t doing it correctly. That they’re hiding something. Something big! IF I told you I’m sure you’d have an accident and I’d hate to make your stay here short. I’m not that cruel. I mean, you gotta earn your salvation right?

So what happened to land me here? Well, I was doing a triple shift in the ‘factorum making cogno-proccessor components and the authorities decided to shake down my hab-block. Got whispers of illicit goods and evil deeds. Surprise surprise they found a room full of data slates in my chamber. Each one full of forbidden lore, STC data, sacred design schematics, you name it. The whole works!
Within hours I was locked down in a prison ward, sentenced by vid-caster, and awaiting for my summery execution or worse – psycho-scrambling and an eternity as a servitor. Somehow, someone intervened. Initially I thought I’d been spared, liberated, redeemed even! Little did I know that the fate that awaited me here was worse than any bolt round to the head!

Anyways, that’s my tale. Heretic they call me.

sigh At least I was lucky enough to get work in the shielded motor pools and unloading the docks. Lets me do introductions to new colonists like yourself. Hey, better this introduction than what could happen in a shower stall! Could still happen so watch out!

Got one last piece of advice, get yourself a blade! A shiv, tool, whatever you want to call it. Just get one. The native materials here are extremely dense and sharp. With effort you can work em’ into a weapon that’ll punch through the toughest armour and keep it’s keen edge pretty much forever. If you can’t make em, there are craftsmen – but they charge a lot.

Now, considering all the wisdom I’ve given you, the least you could do is part with two packs of Lho sticks. Don’t you think?

Oh by the way, when I said there was no way off of this rock… that’s not entirely true.
When you have a carton of sticks come talk to me and I’ll show you the fast track to divine forgiveness!

A call to arms

In the distant future mankind has spread itself to the stars but the trials of this race are many and harsh. Beset on all sides by the alien, the mutant and the demonic host humanity struggles not only to claim that which they believe is rightfully theirs but also to survive extermination.

On the fringes of the Calixis Sector once loyal servants of the Lords of Terra have turned from the God-Emperors light and declared themselves sovereign. This betrayal alone would be enough for a call to war but the sudden appearance of a mighty orc waaagh adds urgency to the conflict. Now your regiment within the Imperial Guard scrambles to bring their full might to the Spinward Front, re-deploying hundreds of regiments from other engagements. Battle will soon be joined, carnage and slaughter and the mocking laughter of brutal gods will sweep through the galaxy. But the universe is a big place and, whatever happens, you will not be missed…


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