The Marauders

The sixteenth company of the fourth regiment drawn from the penal world of Draconis23 in the Calaxis Sector. Draconis23 is a small, poorly lit, barren world orbiting a pulsar star (Draconis) and thus is washed with high levels of radiation. The prisoners there are used to mine out rare ores and minerals and particularly a type of crystal used in the focusing of lasers. They made extensive use of plasma cutters and explosives. The Draconis 4th regiment was recently formed to replace the 3rd regiment who themselves were wiped out after they attempted a mutiny. The Draconis 416th “Marauders” specialize in surgical strikes and seek-and-destroy missions.

The build of the regiment company is as follows:

-Penal world
-Maverick commander
-Die Hard doctrine
-Hunter/killer training doctrine
-Scavengers doctrine
-upgraded laspistols to lascarbines
-got a frag grenade
-have missile lancher as favoured heavy weapon and plasmagun as favoured special weapon
-upgraded knife to mono-filiment(poor quality)

The Regiment layout:
20 Companies the first 10 of which are made up of the more typical line, light and siege infantry with the remaining 10 have a variety of more specialized doctrines.

Each Company has 4 platoons of 50 men and a Company command squad.

Each platoon has a platoon command squad and 5 squads.

Each squad has 10 men (including a sergeant) and a commissar. Many squads also have support specialist attachments. The attachments vary from squad to squad.

The Marauders

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