War never changes

Veche Mind Logs of the Tau Empire

Flow’EL Rai’jin of the ministry of human augmentation:

The experiment is a success. We managed to break the mind control brought upon an individual from the human colony near my home world. We managed to create a nono-spore (thanks to some stolen eldar technology) and managed to turn it into a mobile psychic probe. This probe then buries itself into the brain stem of the creature.

Thanks to subtle electro-psychic pulses and stimulant pulses into the frontal lobe, the subject has now began to question his indoctrination. We basically gave him a boost to his critical thinking and questioning based on logic rather then propaganda. If this is successful we can send more of these probes to other human colonies….

Operation: Lion's Rush Summery
After Action Report:

Sergeant Gene Torrick

“We set out for Yabin as planned but had a problem upon reaching the planet. The enemy had a better defense then we were told to expect and we came under fire and lost our transport. Due to the skills of the chimera pilots Epsilon and Tango squads managed to get to land with the squads intact having only lost the crew of the drop ship. We proceeded with our mission and quickly made contact with the enemy. We won but several of the troops were sidelined or killed. After the clock had run out a little further we encountered another pack of The Twisted. Me and Sgt. Reanal had a quick huddle, and along with some input from that Corp. Greyson we ran a successful blitz. We also intercepted a couple of captured guardsman, a big damned ogryn and an infantryman. The ogryn didn’t make it but the grunt joined us. The enemy had some serious artillery and they got a couple lucky shots in on Private Johns in our chimera. The two operators were forced to spike it, they also took care of the corrupted transports and artillery. I figured for a couple rounds the driver from Tango was gonna be a problem about it but that boy has got some talent with a demo charge. After that we came across another force from the back quarter. Because we caught them offside we gave them a pretty good beat down. During the fighting Sgt. Reanal took one for the team and near as I can tell would have died if not for Tango’s medic. When we arrived in the end zone we knew we didn’t have much time. We gathered up the governor, his family and his staff and got back on the field. The Tango boys ran a defense line, we loaded the VIPs into the chimera and broke for the LZ. Sgt. Reanal stayed behind to make sure we didn’t go into overtime and we almost didn’t make it anyways. Four big damn linebacker looking buggers were on us it didn’t look good. The boys are saying they were mutants but I’ve never seen mutants like these brutes before, not even ogryn mutants. If Cpl. Greyson hadn’t opened up on them with his plasma rifle I swear by the Emperor they would have pealed that chimera like a ration pack. But he did and that squirrelly operator from Tango got us to the birds. Even helped fly ‘em back here. So that’s it, game over, we won. Too bad I didn’t put any money on the mission.”

First Sergeant Willox Bosley

“As per mission parameters the drop ships split up and proceeded to the drop points. Our craft came under fire well before we reached land only quick command action and skilled piloting allowed us to survive. Never the less our transport had taken critical damage and without it I knew we wouldn’t be able to achieve our mission objectives. I had to assume the other drop ship had also come under fire and was likely shot down with all troops on board. Both Sigma and Fury squad had suffered some injury in the descent so I moved those guardsmen most able bodied into Fury squad and sent them towards our primary objective while I took responsibility for the wounded and securing our extraction point. Resistance was heavy, the ruinous powers unleashed their full might on that peninsula. Armor, infantry some of the men even claim they witnessed sorcery and demonic summoning. All the same I managed to get my squad to the arranged coordinates mostly intact and set up a perimeter. Sadly, Fury squad did not fare so well. Sgt. Hung lacked the tactical skill and determination to get his men through alive. I must admit when the survivors of Tango and Epsilon Squads managed to get to the extraction point I was impressed and surprised. Our sacrifice and conviction in holding the landing zone paid off and I and my men, with the help of the other squads, ensured the successful completion of this mission and the safe rescue of Governor Baroon.


Tango Squad Evaluation:
Commissar Natalyana Chenkovic

Chenkovic: "Sergeant Reanal, despite being out of his depth as a squad leader, did his duty and died a valiant death. I would recommend a post-humus commendation. In regards to the rest of Tango squad: Corp. Greyson showed some leadership skills and the squad was a diligent example of the Emperor’s righteous might. I recommend him for promotion to squad sergeant and the squad for a commendation. "
Dante: “We’ve received some unusual reports regarding Convict Artifii. What is your appraisal?”
Chenkovic: “Convict Artifii’s insubordination and disregard for command authority may become a problem in future missions but his talents for piloting and connection to the machine spirits can not be overlooked. There is no question he shows erratic behavior, especially in regards to the adeptus mechanicus, however his independence may also prove to be beneficial if handled cleverly. I will keep a close eye on him and execute my duties as necessary.”
Dante: “What is your appraisal of Epsilon squad and it’s officers?”
Chenkovic: “Sergeant Torrick performed his role in a limited but acceptable manner, Commissar Stanis is a disgrace to the uniform and the rest of Epsilon squad fulfilled their duty successfully.”
Dante: “Very good commissar Chenkovic, you have done the Emperor proud. Dismissed.”

Lions Rush? You mean Operation Assed Backwards and upside down
Fine, I'll do it! Now stop pointing that gun at me!

“Fine, fine. You pulled me up from the motor pool for this? So what, Serge’s word wasn’t good enough for you and you need true facts from one of the hard bitten? Hey, easy now with that las pistol – I got it. You didn’t have to send the brutes to gather me up. Once I was done inspecting the hellstrikes I was on my way over.”

“By the way, is that creepy servitor-thing in the corner going to stare at me the whole time while it records this? HEY, DON’T THINK I DON”T SEE YOU OVER THERE, freak!! I’ve got my eye on you!"

Okay, sure. lets get this over with. All of the Ad-mech hardware around here is making the hair on my neck stand on end. Just let me light up one of these sweet, sweet Lho sticks. You don’t mind if I smoke, do you? It’ll help me take the edge off"
“Good, where do I begin…”

“After that disaster on Ya-six we were herded into this fine tin-can of a bird where I got to listen to the sweet sweet music of her deck plate rattling and thrusters belting out a constant chorus. Honestly most of my time was spent coordinating with my gunner, prepping my ride, and making sure the litanies and catechisms were being performed ever so correctly to appease the machine spirit. When I wasn’t doing that I was assisting Johns from E-squad. Yeah, Epsilon.”

“Things were going good. Well, as good as could be for one of the penitent. That was until we made skyfall. I guess no one told those Navy boys that the flak would be as thick as sugar-tar. Ultimately, we split from the other drop ship and thanks to a few unexpected rounds through our transport we had to ditch in the ocean some ways off shore. When I came to we were upside down and the bird was taking on water. Everyone else was out cold and it seems the fly boys had gone to the Emperor’s light. I was eventually able to get a hold of E-squad’s Chimera and with masterful piloting skills not seen since the days of the glorious crusade I not only freed my upside-down ride from certain doom but Epsilon’s as well. In time I was able to get to shore and John’s was right behind me. Of course now there was just the two transports, no air support, and virtually no idea of where were were in relation to the designated DZ/LZ. Concerns of having no pick-up worried me but I figured there might be a hostile flight we could snag if need be.”

“Mmmm, sweet menthol! Think I’ll have me another.”

“Ah where was I? Sorry sirs but that guy over there with the reams of parchment coming out of him is giving me the evil eye. It’s distracting! It doesn’t help that them servo-skulls keep getting awfully close. Anyways.”
We all pilled out when we made the clay with the operators and command staff of both Chimera’s going over what plan B would consist of. There was no sense in trying to raise the other drop ship what with not knowing if they made it in and with such a short-range vox-coms. Couldn’t risk getting triangulated. Only choice was to plot a course and double time it. So we set out."

The scenery was nice, from what we could see of it and surprisingly we didn’t encounter any initial enemy prowling about.

“Sometime in we encountered a patrol. Mostly light infantry supported with modified civilian light vehicles vaguely similar to pattern Tauros buggies. As expected heathens and their shoddy vehicles were no match for the Imperium’s might, even if that might came from a convict regiment.”

Whoa! I dunno who’s been feeding you shit but it was my operational accumen that had us leave the road. I mean Sgt Renal was alright but tank driving he did NOT!” That isn’t expected from his type.” S’pose after that we carried on at good pace. Wanted to clear mud before the enemy was drawn to the firefight. Them flashlights glow pretty in the night time as you know.”

“Next night while driving we came along a lare body of the enemy. Again mostly infantry supported with converted civilain buggies. Added to that were a number of light transport trucks towning light artillery. Mortars, light thudds, cannons – that type. We popped out and the ratlings went a scouting.
Us operators took time along with command to draw up some attack plans. The goal was to have E and T flank on the right using some light wood as cover and then when they were in place the Chimera’s would roll in guns blazing to draw off most of the fire, destroy the heavier stuff, and allow the foot troop to do some ambush flanking.”
“Mostly went off without a hitch. Mostly”

“When the smoke cleared we’d dispatched all of the enemy. Sadly, E-squad’s ride was knocked out of commission and it’s machine spirit wasn’t motivated enough to move. Epsilon lost about half of their men as well. We fared a little better. My Chimera took some damage to it’s drive engine but just enough to slow it down. If I treated her right, and followed the primers incantations I knew she’d deliver us. The infantry kept watch and helped some Imperial prisoners they’d found we took to destroying as many of the artillery as we could and using the chimera to push the rest off a steep cliff on the left flank.”
“When all was finished us operators gathered round to scuttle E-squads Chimera. I’m sure none of you would understand the how’s and why’s but we had to do it. I know the troops with us couldn’t understand. Wasn’t fair to the machine spirit to leave her wounded in the hands of the corrupted. It was a mercy killing really.“
“With the parts we could scavenge and what little repairs we could do we set out- albeit more gingerly. Last thing we needed was to lose our ride. Would’ve been certain death out there.”

Again, we encountered a patrol. Light vehicles, Cavalry of some sort… I mostly ran em over with the Chimera and we mopped up the rest. Poor ol’ Sarg took a round and was in rough shape but Archangel did a patch up and we put him in the cabin. Epsilon’s Sgt – Torric took over command of all the remaining squaddies and we were out like the wind. I’m sure the Tallarn would have been proud of the pace of the attack.”

“Long story short we eventually made it to the Imperial Gov’ners estate and with great fortune found it’s defensive shields still active. I sent the code and we rode in. Place was a mess. They had no defence forces, no defences, and staff who were told nothing. Here we divided up the duties. Command, along with T-squad’s Corporal went to speak to his highness, Archangel and Sarg went to rest in the barracks, the Ratlings went roof side to keep watch, and the rest of the troop went to rest, guard, and eat.
I took the time to check out their motorpool in hopes of doing some repairs to the Chimera and take stock of their vehicles. I figured the more we could evac out the better. Even if it was to provide cover to the ride.
I encountered the Gov’ners Chauffeur and he got me in touch with the ground warden. That fella and I came up with an alternate route to the DZ/LZ and he agreed to lead us up that way. The plan was he’d take a bike, along with a few of our boys and act as outriders and scouts and we’d follow. The chauffeur would follow up in one of the gov’ners staff cars with some of the house staff in regal clothes to act as a decoy.”

We didn’t have that long. Pretty quickly the Ratlings informed us that the enemy was at the gates, or well close enough to it, that we’d warn out our welcome. Sadly, no one even bothered to rally the house staff – either for escape or defence. I’m sure most of them were murdered helplessly. What a waste! We could have taken em, given em las, and made em fight for every inch the enemy took.
No, instead we took a bunch of stupid hounds which did nothing but take up space. Useless mutts! I tried to get em into the staff car but the gov’ner wasn’t having any of it. Say, I wonder if he was executed for losing an Imperial world? I hear that’s bad! But where was I?”

“Renal demanded to stay behind with a righteous fury along with all the demo packs/ charges I had to muster some sort of defence. We heard the estate blow so he accomplished the goal of keeping it out of enemy hands. Lets open another pack of these minty lho’s in his honour. Mmmm, so cool, so smooth.”

“So we hit the ground running as fast as the transport could take us and thankfully because of the back roads avoided a lot of the enemy. Only a few vhicles followed us and they weren’t that serious a threat.
At some point in the hills we came across 3 large, red monstrous mutants – maybe mutated Ogryn, all wielding massive metal swords. With engines screaming I made an unexpected detour off the side off a cliff. Did you know Chimera could fly?” Alas the staff car behind us wasn’t so prepared and one of the mutants landed on it, chopped the machine spirit to pieces, and killed everyone inside. At least they served their duty as decoy’s.

“We made it to the DZ/LZ and surprise surprise the other bird was there along with what was left of Sigma and Fury. They’d lost a Chimera and Sgt. Bosley decided that they would act as a rear guard to protect the ship. I guess their other squad was lost trying to make it to the estate.“

“For some dumb reason we were ordered to abandon the remaining Chimeras. Too bad – what a waste of material and machine spirits. Again those of us with the knowing performed the rights and detonated them. Best we free them for what would have been enslavement and forced servitude to the ruinous powers. We had room to take em too! Damnit man!”

“With one last look I hoped in the bird, and what with my expertise was asked to bring it back to base. Of course I can fly one of those babies! What do you take me for, a White shield!?!”

“We done now? I got duties to uh, do… and stuff. Besides, this pack is done. Gotta fetch me another.”

Cpl. F. Greyson - P.O.R Lions Rush

Operation Lions Rush
Post Operation Report:

Cpl Ferric Greyson – Tango Squad

Summary of Mission as follows:

We were dispatched from the moon via drop ship with our assigned Chimera and Epsilon Squad with theirs. On final descent we were hit by AA fire and our drop ship splashed. Fortunately Pvt. Artifii and Pvt. Johns were able to extract the Chimeras from the dropship while it was sinking. Drop ship crew confirmed KIA.
We proceeded to establish a beachhead and move inland. We encountered some lighted enemy resistance on the road at first comprised of light vehicles and foot soldiers. We eliminated threats as we went but Sgt. Reanal gave the command to move off of the road way and run parallel to it to avoid further enemy contact.
On the second day we spotted an enemy convoy moving artillery pieces towards the Governors manor. As this posed a serious threat to the mission and we had the element of surprise we attacked and overwhelmed them, suffering only a few casualties. We also freed a few prisoners that they were transporting including an Ab-human Ogryn which unfortunately died from its wounds shortly after. We destroyed the artillery pieces and moved on.
After a few more enemy encounters Epsilon squads Chimera sustained critical damage and we were forced to strip it for parts and scuttle it. Moving on in our remaining Chimera we encountered on more enemy squad and in the ensuing firefight Sgt. Reanal was wounded. We proceeded to the Governors manor from that point and per the Governors instruction we loaded him, his family and his dogs onto the Chimera. We had his game warden scout us a path to the LZ as he was most familiar with the local landscape and his main staff follow us in his road car.
Sgt. Reanal elected to stay at the manor to carry out the mission order to deny it to the enemy. We left him all of our available explosives and moved out towards the LZ. As we moved out the enemy was already bearing down on the manor in a sizable force. We were pursued into the hills by enemy vehicles and encountered some large enemy mutants on the road. The car with the Governors staff was destroyed with all occupants. I was able to eliminate the three enemy mutants that pursued us and we arrived at the LZ to find Sigma squad with the other dropship. We extracted from the planet without further incident.

All soldiers involved in this mission performed their duties with skill and dedication.

Operation: Lion's Rush
Mission briefing:

The enemy insurgents, named “The Twisted”, have made a sudden and bloody strike against the planet Yabin. The planet is all but lost. Presently the planetary governor, Governor Albadayus Baroon, has taken refuge at his summer estates in the northern hemisphere. Your mission is to recover him and his entourage before they’re overrun. His estates are on a peninsula which is quickly becoming surrounded by chaos troops and our window on this mission is limited. Your squad and three others will be inserted via drop ship with two squads per drop ship, each mounted in a chimera. The drop ships will each come in on either side of the peninsula and converge on the centrally located estates. Whomever arrives first will collect the governor and his entourage and fall back to the extraction point where they will be met by the drop ships. Resistance is expected to be heavy but Intelligence has determined that armor and artillery will still be outside the theater of engagement, you will only have to contend with infantry and light vehicles.

Mission Objectives:
Primary: Recover Governor Baroon

Secondary: Recover the governor’s entourage, family and valuables. Priority determined by the governor.

Tertiary: Prevent the estates and any assets present from falling into enemy hands. Also, where practical inflict any significant casualties possible upon the insurgents.

Welcome to the Front

The Marauders, after nearly five months aboard ship, have arrived on the sixth satellite moon of the planet Yabin. “Yassix” has a small Imperial base where one other regiment, the Vostroyan 54th, and the Draconic 416th have been billeted for the last month. Things have been quiet, almost dull, and the standard of life on this small moon is so much better then it was on Draconis23 that the convicts are starting to get complacent. Warden-Commissar Atraxis knows this won’t last though and is expecting the other boot to drop anytime. For now Tango squad and the rest of the Marauders do busy work and drills. Today Tango squad has been tasked with a “walk in the park” patrol duty out to southwest marker 50. Just another quiet day.

After Action Report:

While on it’s patrol Tango squad engaged a squad of chaos cultists. They then received word that an attack was commencing on home base. Tango squad was ambushed once more by chaos cultists before being given orders to meet up with two other squads and neutralizing an enemy artillery unit.

Why am I here?
Ferric's Tale

Yeah I used to be in the Guard. Why am I here now? Well, it went down like this….

So we hit this fucking mudball of a planet after months shipbound. Drills, drills drills until you’re not sure if your drilling or dreaming about it. Anyways we touch down and they tell us that there is some sort of rebellion happening and we are going to put it down, bunch of angry farmers they says. So our hotshot kid of a CO tells our sarge that our squad are securing a city block, all 12 of us. So he sends our squad and a few others into this town, no resistance expected he says. Fucking right. The sarge grumbled a bit but orders are orders especially with that hard ass commisar around. So anyways we go in and sure enough fully armed former guardsmen pop out of the woodwork and shoot the shit out of us. So only me and Lidiah here make it out, us being the careful type. We get back to camp and the CO starts going off on us about why did we come back and telling us to go back and fight. I told him that everyone was dead but he wouldn’t hear it. Kept ranting and raving about how he couldn’t fail.

Then the strangest and scariest thing I’ve ever seen happened. The commissar calmly walked up behind him and blew his brains out. Then he pointed that bolt gun straight at me. I was sure I was a dead man. He asked me what happened in the town and how we got out. I told him everything,I think at that point I would have told him whatever he wanted to hear. I must have said something right because he put the gun away and had us arrested for cowardice. I would call it survival but I wasn’t about to argue with him.

And uh yeah, here we are. Back in the Guard, universe is funny sometimes.
Oh, and watch your back around the commissars.

I, Heretic
Lessons from the pit.

“Just a heads up, forget anything you know, or think you know. This is Draconis 23 and let me tell you, you don’t know anything. You know. Don’t listen to anyone here. They’re all working an angle and they’ll lie through their teeth! That said, let me welcome you to our little corner of hell.

Yeah, I was like you once, though it feels like another life. Back then I was full of fake bravado convinced that a pardon was just around the next hab-hall. That my time in this nightmare would be short. Like you I put on a mask of fearlessness but don’t worry, this place will smash all of that. It will break you! If the wardens don’t the other colonists will. If somehow you prove too unassailable or iron-willed the true master of this place will crush you. You, like everyone else will be screaming for sweet deliverance before the end comes.

Who is this master you ask? Well let me put it this way, why aren’t there any walls here? Look around you – see all that endless nothing? Where you going to run to? This barren, craggy hell-hole is covered with scant nothing but rocks and dust. Outside of the facilities there isn’t anything. No water, no shelter, no food, nor animals. Just a lot of barren nothing. Sure, you can run off, maybe find some abandoned mine shaft to hold up in. Others have done it and guess how many have come back….

Don’t worry about the dim sky, you wont get used to it. No it’s not dusk nor dawn. it’s just the stars light don’t shine so bright here being as far away as we are. That pulse never ends either. Forever flashing, it’s enough to make a man mad! Hope you get mine work where the beating of the sun is hidden from you.

That painful pulsing dot up there? They call that the Emperors Mercy. The wardens whisper that it’s really why we’re all here. This whole place is a lesson in damnation and salvation. You see we’ve all fallen from the light of the Divine Emperor. All of us selfishly turned from his grace and in doing so we suffer and toil in endless, abject misery from which none of us can escape. That distant light up there shows that the Emperor in his infinite grace still looks down upon us, that redemption IS possible. The only kick is that you can’t do it in life. You gotta die to get it!

That’s the final truth of this place. If somehow you manage to avoid the wrath of the wardens, other convicts, accident, or injury this place will still kill you. That light up there, the Emperors grace, is a class 7B7 Pulsar. While it’s no good at giving off steady light it’s incredible at flooding us with enough high radiation that any long-term prisoner could power a light freighters engine core. If by all miracles you survive everything this place can throw at you, you’ll be dead in eight years.

I’ve been here three and a half years and I have no illusions of my fate.

Did I tell you that I’m a master of the Emperors Tarot? Here let me guess, you’re innocent, right? There’s clearly been a clerical error and the the Warden-Commissar must get you on the next ship out! We have to get you off of this rock before it’s too late!
Haha fool! Let me tell you I WAS INNOCENT and it don’t mean anything!! No one cares! Once you’re here there IS no leaving. Even in death your body will be processed into food for the other inmates. Gross, sure, but a man has to eat! Yeah, they give three half rations a cycle but that is just enough to keep you working. The gnawing in your gut is just another reminder of hell. The exhaustion too.

What did I do to get sentenced to this rock? Well nothing of course! You see, I was born on one of them countless Ad-Mech worlds. The kind of manufactorum planets where non-munitions are fabricated. No not one of them fancy Forge worlds! Anyways, I was a true believer and I did my part.
The machine priests and their strange, soulless servitors were jealous of me though. It’s true! You see I have “the knack”! The machine spirits whisper to me but because I’m not a tech-priest it’s something we’re told is sacrilegious. Fact is, they were telling me truths we aren’t supposed to know. Truths about how the Ad-Mech aren’t doing it correctly. That they’re hiding something. Something big! IF I told you I’m sure you’d have an accident and I’d hate to make your stay here short. I’m not that cruel. I mean, you gotta earn your salvation right?

So what happened to land me here? Well, I was doing a triple shift in the ‘factorum making cogno-proccessor components and the authorities decided to shake down my hab-block. Got whispers of illicit goods and evil deeds. Surprise surprise they found a room full of data slates in my chamber. Each one full of forbidden lore, STC data, sacred design schematics, you name it. The whole works!
Within hours I was locked down in a prison ward, sentenced by vid-caster, and awaiting for my summery execution or worse – psycho-scrambling and an eternity as a servitor. Somehow, someone intervened. Initially I thought I’d been spared, liberated, redeemed even! Little did I know that the fate that awaited me here was worse than any bolt round to the head!

Anyways, that’s my tale. Heretic they call me.

sigh At least I was lucky enough to get work in the shielded motor pools and unloading the docks. Lets me do introductions to new colonists like yourself. Hey, better this introduction than what could happen in a shower stall! Could still happen so watch out!

Got one last piece of advice, get yourself a blade! A shiv, tool, whatever you want to call it. Just get one. The native materials here are extremely dense and sharp. With effort you can work em’ into a weapon that’ll punch through the toughest armour and keep it’s keen edge pretty much forever. If you can’t make em, there are craftsmen – but they charge a lot.

Now, considering all the wisdom I’ve given you, the least you could do is part with two packs of Lho sticks. Don’t you think?

Oh by the way, when I said there was no way off of this rock… that’s not entirely true.
When you have a carton of sticks come talk to me and I’ll show you the fast track to divine forgiveness!

A call to arms

In the distant future mankind has spread itself to the stars but the trials of this race are many and harsh. Beset on all sides by the alien, the mutant and the demonic host humanity struggles not only to claim that which they believe is rightfully theirs but also to survive extermination.

On the fringes of the Calixis Sector once loyal servants of the Lords of Terra have turned from the God-Emperors light and declared themselves sovereign. This betrayal alone would be enough for a call to war but the sudden appearance of a mighty orc waaagh adds urgency to the conflict. Now your regiment within the Imperial Guard scrambles to bring their full might to the Spinward Front, re-deploying hundreds of regiments from other engagements. Battle will soon be joined, carnage and slaughter and the mocking laughter of brutal gods will sweep through the galaxy. But the universe is a big place and, whatever happens, you will not be missed…


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