War never changes

Operation: Lion's Rush Summery

After Action Report:

Sergeant Gene Torrick

“We set out for Yabin as planned but had a problem upon reaching the planet. The enemy had a better defense then we were told to expect and we came under fire and lost our transport. Due to the skills of the chimera pilots Epsilon and Tango squads managed to get to land with the squads intact having only lost the crew of the drop ship. We proceeded with our mission and quickly made contact with the enemy. We won but several of the troops were sidelined or killed. After the clock had run out a little further we encountered another pack of The Twisted. Me and Sgt. Reanal had a quick huddle, and along with some input from that Corp. Greyson we ran a successful blitz. We also intercepted a couple of captured guardsman, a big damned ogryn and an infantryman. The ogryn didn’t make it but the grunt joined us. The enemy had some serious artillery and they got a couple lucky shots in on Private Johns in our chimera. The two operators were forced to spike it, they also took care of the corrupted transports and artillery. I figured for a couple rounds the driver from Tango was gonna be a problem about it but that boy has got some talent with a demo charge. After that we came across another force from the back quarter. Because we caught them offside we gave them a pretty good beat down. During the fighting Sgt. Reanal took one for the team and near as I can tell would have died if not for Tango’s medic. When we arrived in the end zone we knew we didn’t have much time. We gathered up the governor, his family and his staff and got back on the field. The Tango boys ran a defense line, we loaded the VIPs into the chimera and broke for the LZ. Sgt. Reanal stayed behind to make sure we didn’t go into overtime and we almost didn’t make it anyways. Four big damn linebacker looking buggers were on us it didn’t look good. The boys are saying they were mutants but I’ve never seen mutants like these brutes before, not even ogryn mutants. If Cpl. Greyson hadn’t opened up on them with his plasma rifle I swear by the Emperor they would have pealed that chimera like a ration pack. But he did and that squirrelly operator from Tango got us to the birds. Even helped fly ‘em back here. So that’s it, game over, we won. Too bad I didn’t put any money on the mission.”

First Sergeant Willox Bosley

“As per mission parameters the drop ships split up and proceeded to the drop points. Our craft came under fire well before we reached land only quick command action and skilled piloting allowed us to survive. Never the less our transport had taken critical damage and without it I knew we wouldn’t be able to achieve our mission objectives. I had to assume the other drop ship had also come under fire and was likely shot down with all troops on board. Both Sigma and Fury squad had suffered some injury in the descent so I moved those guardsmen most able bodied into Fury squad and sent them towards our primary objective while I took responsibility for the wounded and securing our extraction point. Resistance was heavy, the ruinous powers unleashed their full might on that peninsula. Armor, infantry some of the men even claim they witnessed sorcery and demonic summoning. All the same I managed to get my squad to the arranged coordinates mostly intact and set up a perimeter. Sadly, Fury squad did not fare so well. Sgt. Hung lacked the tactical skill and determination to get his men through alive. I must admit when the survivors of Tango and Epsilon Squads managed to get to the extraction point I was impressed and surprised. Our sacrifice and conviction in holding the landing zone paid off and I and my men, with the help of the other squads, ensured the successful completion of this mission and the safe rescue of Governor Baroon.


Tango Squad Evaluation:
Commissar Natalyana Chenkovic

Chenkovic: "Sergeant Reanal, despite being out of his depth as a squad leader, did his duty and died a valiant death. I would recommend a post-humus commendation. In regards to the rest of Tango squad: Corp. Greyson showed some leadership skills and the squad was a diligent example of the Emperor’s righteous might. I recommend him for promotion to squad sergeant and the squad for a commendation. "
Dante: “We’ve received some unusual reports regarding Convict Artifii. What is your appraisal?”
Chenkovic: “Convict Artifii’s insubordination and disregard for command authority may become a problem in future missions but his talents for piloting and connection to the machine spirits can not be overlooked. There is no question he shows erratic behavior, especially in regards to the adeptus mechanicus, however his independence may also prove to be beneficial if handled cleverly. I will keep a close eye on him and execute my duties as necessary.”
Dante: “What is your appraisal of Epsilon squad and it’s officers?”
Chenkovic: “Sergeant Torrick performed his role in a limited but acceptable manner, Commissar Stanis is a disgrace to the uniform and the rest of Epsilon squad fulfilled their duty successfully.”
Dante: “Very good commissar Chenkovic, you have done the Emperor proud. Dismissed.”



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