Convict "Archangel" St. Darius

The field medic for Tango squad. A recent addition to the squad.


WS:45 BS:33 S:27 T:33 Ag:33 Int:40 Per:35 WP:35 Fel:25 Wounds:12

Finesse, Weapon Skill, Knowledge, Intelligence, Willpower, Perception, Fieldcraft

Street fighting, resistance (fear), operate (surface), Nerves of steel, Cold hearted, Foresight, Hatred(special), Weapon training (las and low-tech), Master Chirurgeon, Sure strike, Precise Blow, Swift suture, Methodical Care, Duelist

Linguistics (Low and high gothic and underworld), Medicae+10, Scholastic Lore (Chymistry), Trade (Chymist), Tech-use, Awareness, Logic

Diagnostor, Injector, Medikit,


While his real name is Aleksandr St.Darius the name whispered in the cell blocks is the archangel of death. The little that’s known about him is he was once an accomplished chirurgeon on Scintilla until something happened to his wife. They say the hardcore lifers turn pale and reach for a shiv whenever his name is mentioned.

Convict "Archangel" St. Darius

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